New IT-Security incident at Yarrow Point

On Friday I was notified about another IT-Security related incident that the Town fell victim for. So far not much information is available, but it appears that the attack resulted in some files and systems being inaccessible. Below is the notification that was sent from the Town. The Town also updated their website with information about the incident.

On Wednesday, October 18, 2017, the Town of Yarrow Point discovered that it was the victim of a cyber incident that made certain files and systems inaccessible. Immediately upon discovering this incident we launched an investigation to determine its impact and to restore the impacted systems. As part of our response, we began working with a leading independent third-party forensic investigator so that we can learn about the nature and scope of this incident. The Town has also contacted the Clyde Hill Police Department. The investigation of, and response to, this incident is ongoing. While electronic access to specific Yarrow Point services and information may be limited as we work to restore the impacted systems, the Town remains operational and can provide all necessary services, including the issuance of permits. We thank you for your understanding and patience as we resolve this issue. We will continue to update you as relevant information becomes available.

What seems odd is the timing of this incident.  There are no new widespread ransomware or other cyber-attacks reported during the week of October 16th when the attack supposedly took place. Another possibility is that this attack is related to the previous wire fraud attack and somebody is trying to cover their tracks. In either case, this is disturbing news. The Town should have implemented proper protection and procedures based on the learning from the previous incident to not fall victim for these types of attacks.

I’m getting really concerned about the Town and how they operate. As I’m running for the town council I will make sure to use my knowledge in the IT field to audit and fix these issues. We need to protect our Town’s infrastructure and the taxpayer’s money. Please consider voting for me on November 7th. You should have already received your ballots in the mail.

I will request public information and further review this incident as soon as it becomes available.