My statement

I am elected to serve on the Yarrow Points Town Council as of November of 2017.

This blog is an unofficial expression of my views. These views might change at any  time. My official view is expressed in the town council meeting and captures in the meeting minutes.

Some of the issues that I’m addressing:

  • Hold Washington State accountable for the bridge expansion-joint noise and 520 lid maintenance. The Town should not take on the financial burden of maintaining the lid.
  • Reduce the Town’s impact on the lake and surrounding nature. Ensure the Town stops using Roundup.
  • Modernize the Town’s IT infrastructure. The Town’s website is in need of an update. The email system is outdated and does not protect against phishing attacks.
  • Stronger enforcement of construction hours and traffic. Residents are complaining, I hear them.
  • Support our local police department and make sure they have everything they need to keep our town’s low crime rate.

I’m a father, husband, son, brother, friend, boss, Internet geek, world explorer, go-getter, hockey fan, BBQ and wine lover.