Tight Race

Wow! what a tight race. Right now I’m up with 1 vote after being down with as much as 8 votes over the last few days. The Yarrow Point race is the closest race in the County. I think we need to wait until the final reconciliation report (Nov 28th) before we can call this one. Every vote counts so I’m so grateful for all of you that voted for me. There are about 0.7% votes remaining or an estimated 3 (2.8) votes left to count. If the other candidate get all 3 remaining votes he will win. If I get 1 and he get 2, there will be a tie and coin toss. If I get 2 or more I will win. Fingers crossed.

So what happens if it is close or a tie? From what I understand, there is no recount on local ballots unless somebody ask and pay for it so I don’t expect that. If there is a tie there will be a coin toss administered by the King County Election office.