Results are final.

Today the King County Election office certified the results from the November Election. I got 181 votes vs. 176 for David Young. David called me this evening to congratulate me on the victory, something I felt was very nice and genuine of him.

This is a start of a new chapter in my life and I have to say I look forward to it. This blog will remain, I have changed the title of my blog from “running for Town of Yarrow Point Council Position 1” to “Notes from a councilman in Yarrow Point”

5 thoughts on “Results are final.”

  1. Congratulations Stephan!!!
    I am confident with your back ground in leadership in the tech center you will bring undoubtedly to your community.

    Yemane – Nahom’s ( Christian’s friend) dad.

    1. Good to hear from you Yamane and thanks for your support. We should get together soon. My wife talked to your wife during our party here a few weeks back, they both speak German.

  2. Hi Stephan, Wir wuerden as auch gerne.
    What a coincidence my wife told me about that. Thank you.

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