Results are final.

Today the King County Election office certified the results from the November Election. I got 181 votes vs. 176 for David Young. David called me this evening to congratulate me on the victory, something I felt was very nice and genuine of him.

This is a start of a new chapter in my life and I have to say I look forward to it. This blog will remain, I have changed the title of my blog from “running for Town of Yarrow Point Council Position 1” to “Notes from a councilman in Yarrow Point”

Tight Race update

Currently, I’m 5 votes ahead in the race!

It looks very promising with only 399 votes left to count I don’t really see how the other candidate can win. But let’s wait until the 28th when the election results are official before we call this one.

Tight Race

Wow! what a tight race. Right now I’m up with 1 vote after being down with as much as 8 votes over the last few days. The Yarrow Point race is the closest race in the County. I think we need to wait until the final reconciliation report (Nov 28th) before we can call this one. Every vote counts so I’m so grateful for all of you that voted for me. There are about 0.7% votes remaining or an estimated 3 (2.8) votes left to count. If the other candidate get all 3 remaining votes he will win. If I get 1 and he get 2, there will be a tie and coin toss. If I get 2 or more I will win. Fingers crossed.

So what happens if it is close or a tie? From what I understand, there is no recount on local ballots unless somebody ask and pay for it so I don’t expect that. If there is a tie there will be a coin toss administered by the King County Election office.

Votes update 11/9

Ok, I’m back to a 7 vote lead over David Young in the race for the Town council position 1. See results here. Still too close to call, there are probably some 10-20 more votes that are not counted. I base this on  comparing the number of counted ballots in 2017 vs 2015:

2017 – 321 ballots counted so far

2015 – 333 ballots counted in total


Keep your fingers crossed, new update tomorrow!




Many thanks to all of you who voted for me. Currently with 291 ballots counted I’m in the lead with one vote (133 vs 132). There are probably a few more votes getting counted over the next few days so fingers crossed.


You can follow the count at the king county website