Unnecessary traffic in Yarrow Point

A lot of traffic in Yarrow Point is unnecessary traffic from vehicles not knowing how to get to 520. This has gotten worse in recent days. The reason is that Clyde Hill made some changes to the traffic flow. They have problems with a lot of thru traffic on their streets during rush hours. This is because of phone apps like Waze that always scans and send traffic on the fastest route. When 520 is clogged, cutting through Clyde Hill is an option that those apps are suggesting to drivers. To tackle this, Clyde Hill recently prohibited left turn on 92nd street towards Points drive between 4 and 7 PM. This means that any car coming down 92nd street will have to go down to the Yarrow Point roundabout or further and then turn around and go back up to Clyde Hill to get to Points Drive and on to 520 westbound.

I live on 33rd street, a street that has been plagued with a lot of turn around traffic to begin with. Drivers seem to think that 33rd street is an on-ramp to 520. I can say that once Clyde Hill implemented their change I have seen more confused drivers that ever before. I see an increase both on 33rd street as well as in the roundabout. I have witnessed several cars making a full circle during those hours.

Although I empathize with Clyde Hills problem, it does not seem like a good solution to send traffic down to Yarrow Point into what is essentially just a large dead-end zone.

  • Town of Yarrow Point should work on improving the street markings in the roundabout to clarify that there is no outlet to 520 anywhere as you come in from 92nd
  • Town of Yarrow Point should work with our neighbors in Clyde Hill to make sure they consider alternatives to preventing traffic from turning left into Points Drive during rush hours.