Wetherill Nature Preserve

The Wetherill nature preserve is a little slice of heaven that I really enjoy visiting. I go there regularly together with my wife and kids. The kids always have a good time as they are looking for bugs, watching birds and picking blackberries. This is a part of Yarrow Point that I look forward making sure is preserved and properly funded by both Hunts Point and Yarrow Point.

I usually walk down into the preserve from the 33rd street entrance. As you walk down you will find various paths that you can enjoy. One of them will lead you back to the points loop trail whereas another lead you to the Cozy Cove. I often use one of the benches down there and stop for a moment to enjoy the water views.

There are plenty of volunteers from the neighborhoods that are caretakers of the preserve. If you get to see one of them, take a moment to stop and talk about the preserve. You might get to know more about its history and what the future plans are. The volunteers are working long and hard to make the preserve enjoyable and you can really tell the difference. The preserve would be an overgrown mess otherwise.

If elected to the town council I will really enjoy being part of this wonderful preserve and its future.

You can read more about the preserve at their website