About Me

I grew up in Sweden in the city of Uppsala and graduated from Uppsala University in 1999. I met my wife in 2005 and moved to U.S in 2007. I have owned my own company, I have founded and worked on a non profit board. I moved to Seattle in 2014 and worked for Microsoft for 3 years before I moved over to T-Mobile where me and my team are responsible for the network architecture. The town of Yarrow Point is a wonderful community. I’m at a place in my life where I would like to contribute more to the success of our community. I’m ready to become a council member in the town.


We should support our local police department and make sure they have everything they need to keep our town’s low crime rate. I want to minimize the effect our lives have on the lake. We should improve and preserve the beauty of our parks and recreational areas, including the 520 lid.

I’m a father, husband, son, brother, friend, boss, Internet geek, world explorer, go-getter, hockey fan, BBQ and wine lover. Hopelessly optimistic and hopeful to get your vote.